Cats rule – a walk on the trail of animals and dwarfs

Roszek-bada-psaIn China cats bring good luck, and on the internet they bring fun. A video of a Grumpy Cat has over 18 million views. It is very likely that even the Wroclaw dwarfs know of this feline celebrity.

But the offline world also offers great attractions. For example, a feline ginger antiquarian lives in the center of the Market Square, on Szewska Street. Dante attracts cat lovers and tourists, lying among the books in the window display of this scientific antique bookshop. Dante has their own fan page on Facebook, ( For some time he was accompanied by his younger brother, or actually – as it eventually turned out – younger sister, Fufu. The siblings, however, were not unanimous – one antiquarian bookshop was too small for both celebrities. Finally, only Dante remained. In recognition of his contribution to sleeping on books and reading, Dante was nominated for Best Bookshop Cat. In this contest he took 9th place.

It is worth remembering that animals should be loved unconditionally. Every pet deserves love, respect and care. Many species work hard for people to prosper. This was the reason behind creation of the Monument of Animals for Slaughter on Stare Jatki Street (literally: Old Butchers’ Shops Street).

The statue shows a cast bronze animals: goat, rooster, rabbit, goose with an egg and pig. From 1242, there were butchers’ shops on the street, from which the entire quarter of Wroclaw was given its name. Today, they have been replaced by art galleries and art shops. Nevertheless, it remains one of very few installations devoted to animals. To see another one, we have to go to Grunwaldzki Square.

On the way to Grunwaldzki we recommend you to have a look at the following dwarfs: Butcher, Snorer and Traveler, who stand next to Jatki. If you choose to walk towards Grunwaldzki Square on foot on Kotlarska, Wita Stwosza, Słowackiego Streets and then pass over the bridge, then along the way you will meet Gift Giver, Smith, Modernist and Coaly.

Near Grunwaldzki Square there is a dwarf who is closely associated with feline life. We are talking about Rochy – a vet, who arrived in Wroclaw at the occasion of the 10th National Congress of Veterinary Surgeons, to support all veterinarians in their beautiful and responsible work. For the past year he has lived at the entrance to the building of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Wroclaw. Rochy uses his lamp mounted on a hat in order to thoroughly look into the mouth of the dog standing in front of him.

Going further towards Reagan’s roundabout you will meet the Umbrella-maker dwarfs. These brothers, testing their products, can be found in the courtyard of the Grunwaldzki Center office building. Heading towards Wyspiański cost, you will meet Lappie, the Technical University dwarf who is walking down the street pushing a spool of cable. A few meters away you will be able to visit Polidental, who stands at the center of Dentistry and washes his teeth with enthusiasm.

If you are around you should necessarily see the Mathematics, Chemist and Educator. All are located in a particularly beautiful corner of Grunwaldzki Square, which is off the coast of Wyspiański. The architecture of the place makes the walk on the banks of the Oder even more pleasant. It is worth noting the interweaving of the renovated historic houses with the modern buildings of the Wroclaw University of Technology.