Dwarf rumours

Pracz Odrzański, the Washer

The Washer has already been featured as the ‘Dwarf of the Week’, however, due to his recent adventures the editorial staff decided to do it again. His kidnapping, the investigation that followed and happy ending make a ready-made screenplay for a thriller movie. Not for the first time in his life, anyway…

Stop for a moment and listen…

This quiet patter doesn’t belong to rats nor to pigeons. These are dwarfs – the tiniest residents of Wrocław. Human realm crosses with dwarf realm in Wrocław– those two realities coexist here in peace and harmony since ages.

Fairytales and stories about dwarfs

Superstitions-prevention campaign directed by Catholic Church pushed the belief in dwarfs into the sphere of fairytales, unbelievable stories and folk tales. This very characteristic creature with kind-hearted, jovial nature completely lost its primordial features.


The rumours concerning incredible finding at Oławska Street have been recently circulating over Wrocław. However, when the archeologists brought us one day a tiny, old-looking package, we weren’t able to speak up.

Genealogy of dwarfs

The richness of dwarf leitmotivs in iconography and beliefs of Western Europe (Germany, England, Scandinavia) undoubtedly points at the German origins of these small creatures.

Why is the dwarf doing time?

The Thinkers Board decided to announce the official statement of Wrocław Dwarf Board concerning the constantly emerging conjectures and speculations with respect to the reason why is the dwarf Więziennik (Prisoner) doing time in prison.

Why are the dwarfs kind?

Some people say that kindness is the matter of the dwarf s’ honour. Other dwarf researchers convince, that the kindness is one of the major virtues in the dwarf society.

What do dwarfs use as their currency?

There is no denying that the dwarfs find it extremely uncomfortable to use human money. It is true that sometimes they don’t have any choice but generally they prefer to stick to the counter trade on a daily basis.

What do dwarfs read?

Since the Dwarf Knowledge Fans Club had been established the dwarfs called Szop and Hałer (Schop and Hauer) created 365 literal masterpieces. That is the reason why the dwarfs are reading more and more nowadays.