Dwarf rumours

Korean dwarves got new names!

Eldżej, Modułek, Tabuś, Assik, Pakerka oraz Pikselek – these are the names of the dwarves who haved moved into LG factory in Biskupice Podgórne a few weeks ago. The names were made up by the factory workers.

Where did Wrocław’s dwarves come from?

As the dwarves of Wrocław are the inherent part of the urban landscape and close friends of the inhabitants, almost nobody asks where they came from. The answer is neither simple nor unambiguous and the only person to know it for sure is the Papa Dwarf but there are a couple of plausible versions…

The brave Ołbin Dwarf

The Ołbin Dwarf (Ołbiniusz) has had many wonderful and heroic adventures. This is the story of his encounter with a Silesian magnate.

The first banquetters

Dearest children and grown-ups, you must have heard of this year’s feast on the Market Square of Wrocław on 1st June. Present-day inhabitants gave it a fashionable name: ‘Europa na widelcu’ (Europe on the fork). Do you know what first feasts in the city looked like, though?

The pigeon-keepers

This story took place in the times of the Great Construction when all dwarves had just one wish – to build a huge dwarf city underground. However, there was a dwarf who dreamed of something else…

The City of the Dwarfs

Once upon a time, deep under the pavement of Wrocław, a big construction site appeared. Hundred tiny creatures were building the City of Dwarfs, day and night, restlessly…

The Cathedral Miller

Hardly anyone knows of the existence of this heroic dwarf. However, the inhabitants of Wrocław owe him many years of flour production.

The Prisoner from Prison Street

Day by day, he stares gloomily from behind the thick bars in Prison Street (ul. Więzienna). Heavy chains inhibit his movements. Why is that so? The reason has been long forgotten. Versions vary depending on the source of information. He was reportedly punished for disrespect for public order because of shaving his beard, something that no respectable dwarf would think of doing. Others claim his name used to be the Lazy Dwarf and he was sentenced to confinement after having overslept for a yearly meeting of the dwarfs of Wrocław. The truth is different, though. He’s guilty of gluttony.