Dwarf rumours

Concert of President of Wroclaw scholarship receivers

On November 21, there will an extraordinary concert. The most talented pupils and students of Wroclaw music schools and universities, who are supported by grants by the president of the city of Wroclaw, will play in the Club of Music and Literature. The concert starts at 18:00.

A great charity concert

On November 27, there will be a charity concert organized by the Wroclaw Hospice for Children, which will feature, among others: prof. Alicja Chybicka and prof. Jan Miodek.

Doctor Basia – our new dwarf

The respectable group of Wroclaw dwarf-doctors has a new member – the pediatric neurologist Doctor Basia. Basia decided to move to Wroclaw to provide assistance to the youngest dwarfs… and she has a lot of work!

Dark tour of Wroclaw Stadium

On October 28, all those interested will have the opportunity to explore the Halloween corners of the stadium. Visiting will be held in the evening, in groups with a guide.