Dwarf rumours

Dwarf Christmas preparations

Christmas tends to be much more confusing if one is as tiny as our dwarfs. Read about the kind of problems encountered by some of the Wroclaw dwarfs before Christmas.

“The Snake” performance

On January 4, the Wroclaw Puppet Theater invites you to a performance of “The Snake”. This is the story of an unfortunate reptile and his friends: Crunchy the Hamster and Gecko.

Ikie – the new dwarf

Ikie has joined the group of Wroclaw dwarfs. He is a multipurpose dwarf with a million talents. Ikie came to Wroclaw at the beginning of October and decided to stay here for longer. Those looking for dwarfs can find him in Wroclaw IKEA.

Dwarfish games – card game

“Dwarfish games” is a game created for fans of dwarfs. While playing it, participants will get to know our little friends and learn the names of the dwarfs in English!

The history of Santa Claus in the NFM

In the Middle Ages Santa Claus was considered the patron saint of children. At that time liturgical dramas telling his story began to be presented. On December 21, the story of Santa Claus – full of miracles and heroic courage – will be heard in the National Forum of Music (NFM).