Brave Kids 2015 starts on June 20 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/

20 groups of young artists from 17 countries and 4 continents will participate in the sixth Brave Kids educational project. A total of 120 of the bravest children in the world will come to Poland this year. The project will run from June 20 to July 12. It will be held in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Puszczykowo near Poznan, Wałbrzych and for the first time in Przemysl.

Brave Kids is an educational project, as a part of which children’s artistic groups from different cultures and continents meet and collaborate in Poland. The language barrier, different economic status or skin color are no obstacle to the development of their creativity and imagination.

What groups of young artists are coming to Poland this year? From Angola there will be the theater and ballet group Ngau-Moyo, which combines theater, dance and music, including the distinctively African instrument marimba. Maracatu, passinho and combat capoeira – three dynamic styles of dance that combines elements of African and Indian traditions will be presented by young Brazilians from the “Mais Caminhos” (“More paths”) project. From India, among other groups, there will be girls presenting Bharatanatyam, an ancient Indian dance. These young artists learned about the project from Rama Vaidyanathan, who last year performed at Brave Kids. We will also see artists from European countries, including circus performers from Estonia, St. Petersburg, and the young actors from Slovakia.

This year, Brave Kids will be in Poland from June 20 to July 12. During this time, brave children will participate in workshops, parades and prepare unique, spectacular performances: firstly, each group will present a program created specifically for a Polish audience, and then they will take part in semifinals arranged jointly in each city. At the end, in Wroclaw there will be the grand finale of the project – at the Polish Theatre in Wroclaw. “Art is here a tool that helps to establish intercultural dialogue and respect for diversity. It is also a chance to help children who face devastating restrictions in their respective countries”, says Justyna Warecka.

During their stay in Poland, children and leaders will be accommodated in the homes of local families, which we call Brave Kids Host Families. Brave Kids will be held for the sixth time. To date, the project has involved 800 children, 200 families and 200 volunteers in 7 cities. Since 2009, as part of the Brave Kids project, for three weeks, young representatives of various cultures have taken part in workshops based on the principle: “Children teach children”. The aim of ​​Brave Kids is the creation of openness and tolerance, which are expressed during numerous workshops and performances with the participation of experienced educators, artists, leaders and guests.

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