BAW! Baby Walk Art: a cultural walk with your child in Wroclaw

zwiedzanieWhy cultural? Because the walk will be combined with a city tour, learning about its history and interesting attractions.

The attractions will be pointed out by Dr. Monika Bronowicka, historian and tourist guide, mother of Ula. “Baby Walk Art” is a place for young parents who really want to get out of the house. BAW is a chance for joint walks and visits to Wroclaw cultural institutions, galleries, museums and meetings with artists and curators at the current exhibitions.

During the next meeting at the Contemporary Museum, parents will be immersed in the interactive installation “The Earth” by Patrycja Mastej.

Where: Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, 2a Strzegomski Square, Wroclaw
When: April 21, 2016 at 1 pm