April, May, June – months of nutrition education

fot. clappstar/ (CC BY-NC 2.0)/ flickr.com

fot. clappstar/ (CC BY-NC 2.0)/ flickr.com

Cocofli Café invites you to a series of workshops entitled “A sound mind in a sound body”, during which children will learn where their food comes from and whether all children in the world eat the same thing for breakfast. They will track down “junk food”, i.e. food that clutters bellies, they will learn what is healthy eating and why some food is “great”, while others are not.

We live in times when every day we are bombarded with advertisements encouraging the purchase of another “extremely healthy” candy bar, or a drink that fills you with energy for the whole day. Meanwhile, doctors and scientists are very concerned: there is an alarming increase in the problem of childhood obesity and associated diseases. The cyclical workshops in Cocofli are aimed at making children interested in the subject of nutrition, showing healthy food choices and alternatives to junk food. And all through creative fun!


April 25, 11 am – Pyramids, not only in Egypt?
The food pyramid
The principles of healthy eating according to the food pyramid recommended by WHO
Exercises dividing products into different groups in accordance with the rules

9 May, 11 am – Why do we eat?
The concept of nutrition
The composition of food, the functions of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins, their impact on our health
Exercise in cause and effect
Exercise in group work skills

16 May, 11 am – Why do we eat what we eat?
Hunger and appetite
Exercise in nutritional awareness and mindfulness
The impact of advertising and other people’s choices on our food choices

23 May, 11 am – What is healthy eating?
Explanation of the term “health nutrition”
Exercise in planning meals containing healthy products
Developing cooperation and teamwork skills

30 May, 11 am – Super food or junk food – what do you choose?
Definition of the terms: “super food”, “junk food”
Pros and cons of foods from these groups
Healthy food and alternatives to fast food
Developing collaboration and teamwork skills

13 June, 11 am – Why do dishes taste different? Flavor and taste not just on the plate
Basic flavors and places of their perception