A warm welcome to Lady Liberty and Leszko from Wroclaw!

At the end of April exceptional dwarves moved in to Wrocław, well actually a dwarf and a dwarfette. What is their history and where can they be found?

 Leszko from Wroclaw – a dwarf who beats records

 Leszko from Wroclaw appeared in Wroclaw unexpectedly. He was officially presented to the citizens on April 28 and his arrival in the city was kept secret until the last moment. Leszek Cichoński, the protagonist of the dwarf, was also surprised.

 Leszko from Wroclaw is yet another – after Dr Basi and Professor Miodek – dwarf created in recognition of a citizen of Wrocław, who positively influenced the city and its citizens. Since 2003 Leszek Cichoński has been organizing the Thanks Jimi Festival, where participants attempt beating the Guinness Record in playing “Hey Joe” together. This was recently achieved in 2016 when 7356 guitars played together on Wroclaw’s Market Square. That’s why no one should be surprised that the dwarf’s attribute is a triumphantly raised guitar.

 Find Leszko on the Market Square, opposite the Town Hall.

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 Lady Liberty – a dwarfette who can speak three languages.

 Not much further away, just in front of the entrance to the Lower Silesian Public Library, you can see Lady Liberty. This location is not coincidental. The building houses the Romanesque Library and the American Corner Library. The looks of dwarfette are not coincidental as well. Lady Liberty looks just like the Statue of Liberty, in one hand she holds a book with the word “freedom” written in three languages: English, French and Polish, and in the other a torch. Just like the original symbol of New York, our Wroclaw dwarfette is supposed to symbolize the friendship between France and the United States.

 Her name was chosen in a competition organized amongst the readers of the Lower Silesian Public Library.

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