A tale about how Dwarf Junior and Baby Dwarf celebrated Mother’s Day

Last time we told you a tale about how the dwarves organized a real water battle on Dyngus Day. May 26 is also a very special day to them. Do you know why? If not, we encourage you to read our tale!

 The Dwarves, just like the Big People, celebrate various holidays. For example Dwarf Hat Day, Backward Day, Annual Prank Night or Worship Papa Dwarf Day (we think that this day deserves a separate tale). Nevertheless, their calendar also comprises holidays well known to us. Christmas Eve and Easter or Kindness Day (remember it is on November 21!) are just a few examples. Mother’s Day is no exception.

 The dwarves love this holiday. Since most of the dwarves live in Wroclaw alone (but they don’t feel lonely as they have hundreds of dwarf colleagues and hundreds of thousands of people who care about them every day), May 26 is particularly important to them. They send flowers, chocolates and other little things to their mothers by a secret dwarf postal service and if one of our dwarves is less busy, he goes unnoticed to his family home with a short visit.

 In our city we have a Dwarf Family .The family consists of Mother Dwarf, Father Dwarf and their children: Dwarf Junior (4 years old) and Baby Dwarf who recently celebrated his first birthday. If you see their family portrait you will notice that Baby Dwarf is in a pram. Nevertheless do not let that fool you. Small dwarves learn the art of walking and talking very early. They just like to walk down their own paths and also express their opinions loudly.

 Therefore, on that special day, Dwarf Junior and Baby Dwarf wanted to surprise their mother by preparing for her something really special. They had wondered for long what it could be. They had a lot of really good ideas. In the end they arrived at the conclusion that they do not want to give up on any of their brilliant ideas. Mother Dwarf is so good to them, she takes good care of them, she devotes all her time to them and now is the opportunity to repay her. Therefore they planned Dwarf Mothers’ Day.

 On May 26 they woke up very early in the morning. The schedule was very tight. And it encompassed all of their ideas. They started with the preparation of a special breakfast. Just like Mother Dwarf does it every morning, they also cooked milk soup with noodles. Our young dwarves, however, were suspicious (and they were right) that this delicacy might not be enough, so they also sliced some fresh vegetables and bread. Additionally they squeezed some fresh orange juice. When the table was ready, they rushed to wake up Mother Dwarf – a little earlier than usual, but there was so much still to be done.

 After breakfast, which accordingly to rumours was very tasty, the little ones gave Mother Dwarf their gifts. Beautiful flowers grown especially for this occasion by Botanist, Hydrang and Gardener. A beautiful dress hand made by the reliable dwarf Anna and perfumes – a unique fragrance called “Miss Mom” created by Chemist the dwarf. Mother Dwarf was very touched. She thanked for the breakfast, presents and was just about ready to return to her daily chores … but not this time! “After all, it’s Mother’s day, not Mother’s Morning … there are still sooooooo many attractions ahead of us”, the children said. Therefore, willingly or not, Mother Dwarf put on a new dress, sprayed herself with her new perfumes and set out to paint the town red! First the little dwarves took Mother Dwarf to the Old Town Park …. to a playground. Well, we do not have to tell you who had more fun in this place … But Mother Dwarf, together with her children, slid down the slide, climbed the ladder and she did not miss even one carousel spin. After the excitement of the playground Dwarf Junior and Baby Dwarf went on to the next point of the program – Freedom Square. There, under the National Music Forum, the dwarves of the NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra gave a special concert dedicated to Mother Dwarf. Oh, you have to know that it was a very touching moment.

 It was time for dinner. Dumplinger decided to contribute and he prepared his famous dumplings especially for this occasion. Afterwards they went to the famous Barton Ice Cream Cafe for dessert. Next the children ordered a trip to the zoo. When trotting down the streets, Mother Dwarf wanted to sit down next to Couch Potato and have a rest but she was told: “Zumba the hippo celebrated his first birthday a few days ago and we cannot make him wait for his birthday wishes even a second longer.” And so all three dwarves, still cheerful but more weary with each step, walked from the lion to the elephant, from the giraffe to the bear. They also visited the Africanarium, Odrarium and the lemurs. They had so much fun that they didn’t notice that it is almost nigh time. The children, carried by Mother Dwarf, were falling asleep. They only managed to say, “We love you very much Mommy. Wasn’t it fun?” Mother Dwarf, who was tired but very happy, told her children that she had a really good time.