25th Finale of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra

On January 15, there will be the 25th finale of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra. Two events will take place at the same time on two stages: an outdoor event on Nowy Targ square and an indoor event in the Gothic Hall of the Old Monastery.
On Nowy Targ square, there will be catering stalls, food trucks and outdoor bars. The organizers have also prepared a lot of surprises for the youngest people. During the outdoor event there will be auctions, concerts (Carrantuohill, Foliba collective, Strain, Clock Machine, star of “Battle For Voices,” “Poland’s Got Talent” and “Chance For Success” Nikola Warda, Chorzy ze Szczecina and the rock group Cochise, led by the actor Pawel Małaszyński).
In the Old Monastery one can hear All Time Guitar Hits, and singers: Natalia Lubrano, Ania Kłys, Marta Kołodziejczyk and Paulina Lenda. Bob One and Bas Tajpan will play. On stage there will be also November Project – a group formed by eleven musicians, including six with disabilities.