Dwarf Tours are over

First group of Wrocław dwarf lovers set off for the tour in late June. It feels like yesterday… Since then, a dwarf city tour took place every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday in July and August, weekends only since September). All of them were guided by Marta Miniewicz, a great storyteller.‘Marta is an extraordinary person, she’s a treasure on two legs. She’s a very approachable person who is able to make everyone interested in what she’s saying. The stories she tells… they’re really worth listening. You can see that she likes her job’, writes Dorota in her letter to us. ‘We were lucky to have participated in five trips. It was a great idea, indeed. The kids learned a lot of Wrocław and its secrets. And Marta is the best kids tour guide ever’, mentions Wioletta. We’ve received plenty of similar praises which pleases us immensely. The demands for tours was far bigger than we could have hoped for. There was a massive turn-up for every trip, vacant places disappeared in a flash and our mailbox  was inundated with requests to join the dwarf seekers group. In all, over 2,500 people participated in 51 trips. This is an impressive number, isn’t it?

What a pity, it’s already over… Nevertheless, lack of guided tours does not mean you can’t follow the Wrocław dwarves on your own. It’s a safe bet each visit will please them.

Last but not least, take a look at the TV show on our tours, broadcasted by ‘Wrocław Się!’ on TVP Info. It’s available  here.

Many thanks to everyone and greetings to all dwarf fans!