Dwarf Jinglee Teaches Kids the Basics of Counting Money

Business Trips of Dwarf Jinglee include four games for children aged 4-6. The games are a combination of fun, learning to count, and education about the value of money.

The educational game is intended, in the first place, to be fun, although it is also no short on learning. Youngsters get acquainted with the basics of counting money and are provided with information,  appropriate to their age, on the principles of economics. In addition, the game also teaches children the English language.

Each child can play along with Dwarf Jinglee at www.krasnal-zlotoweczka.pl.

The project is part of the only Polish Education Entrepreneurship Program, implemented by the municipality of Wrocław. The basis for both classes and games in the project are original lesson scenarios written by pre-school education experts from the Wrocław Teacher Training Center.