Do dwarves do winter sports?

You might find it surprising but dwarves are avid skiers who set off to the nearest hill upon seeing the first snow. Due to their modest height, dwarves do not require high peaks nor broad ski trails to enjoy skiing. No need for Alps or other Karkonosze mountains to have fun, then!

Our dwarves adore skiing in the hills and knolls of Wrocław. They’re particularly fond of the Anders Hill close to the Aquapark of Wrocław. Why? First, there are plenty of kids on the sleighs. Second, when skiing becomes too exhausting, one can always regenerate in the nearby Aquapark – the dwarf kinfolk is always most welcome on the premises of the pool dwarves, Chlapibrzuch and Moczypięta. Another popular venue is the Partisan’s Hill (Polish: Wzgórze Partyzantów) in the vicinity of the Puppet Theatre. Again, the dwarves choose to go there because the Theatre attracts flocks of exhilarated toddlers.