Do dwarves celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Dwarf Valentine’s is surely less commercialised, and ‘plastic’ than ours. Which doesn’t mean it’s worst. Quite the contrary, 14th February is a day full of sheer emotion and true feelings. Plenty of feelings, shall we say, as the majority of dwarves are male compared to only seven she-dwarves, two of them (Mrs. Dwarf and Szczęściara – Lucky) being already in relationship.

The truth is that many dwarves court to only five ladies. Competition is fierce but as there are no jealousy, envy nor meanness in the dwarf world, the race is polite and pleasant. On 14th February, Panna Pychotka (Miss Tasty), Marzenka, ProLinka (vel Venus), Bawarka and Clara are inundated with date offers. Dwarves sing and dance, swamp their sweethearts with flowers and sweets, invite them to the tiny underground cinemas, theatres and operas. Only the luckiest spend Valentine’s with the dwarf ladies but the others don’t moan over this and have fun together. Valentine’s is one of the most cheerful days in the dwarf world, indeed!