Contest ‘Think up a new dwarf’ – second rewarded entry

Entry submitted by Ms Joanna includes an extensive description of the new dwarf illustrated with a funny picture. Be advised to pay special attention to the brand of shoes cleaned by Shoeshiner! Here is the second rewarded entry:

“Dear Papa Dwarf and dear Dwarf Board!

Dwarves, as we are all aware, are amiable, hard-working and wise little creatures. They have always lived among us. In Wrocław, there is already a Postman (Polish: Krasnal pocztowy) who helps deliver letters, a Claun (Polish: Klaunuś) who cheers up all children by the Children’s Clinic of Haematology, Marrow Transplant and Oncology, and Hippocleaner (Polish: Hipoczyściciel) responsible for, as his name quite suggests, caring for the hippos in the zoo. Apart from those, there are many more helpful little fellows.

And now my dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to an extraordinarily polite SHOESHINER.

He is a street shoe cleaner sitting on a tiny chair and holding a cloth and brush. Dressed elegantly in poulianes, trousers, a large cap, shirt and of course a bow tie. This clever little dwarf looks for a rather crowded spot, such as the train station.The station is now being renovated, but in 2012 it will get a new image, tourists from all over the world will arrive for the European Championships and this means Shoeshiner will have his hands full!I hope that Shoeshiner will find his place among the honourable bunch of dwarves and both tourists and people from Wrocław welcome him with love!”