Dwarf rumours

Wrocław carol singing – singing together on the Market

Nothing brings more joy in Christmas than spending time with other people and singing Christmas carols together. Invite your friends and family, therefore, to sing carols in Wrocław! On December 14 at 3 pm at the fountain on Oławska Street, the fountain on Wita Stwosza Street, the square in front of the Garrison Church and […]

Kind dwarfs conquer Wrocław!

Look around closely, because on 21st November the city will be conquered by kind dwarfs! The city’s activities will culminate in the Kindness parade which will set off from the market at about 3.30 pm.

Christmas Fair 2014 in Wrocław. Soon we will welcome Present-giver dwarf again

Present-giver dwarf appears every year at the Christmas market in the heart of Wrocław. The installation of Christmas decorations is already taking place and the first stalls are gradually appearing. The fair will open on 21st November. Despite the beautiful fall outside the window, there are already preparations for Christmas underway at the Wrocław Market. […]

Wrocław, the city of friendly people! Join us

21st November is World Hello Day, enacted in 1973 in the United States, as a call for peace. The custom was picked up in other countries. Including Poland! Wrocław has been organizing the Hello Day campaign for 9 years. We have contributed to spreading positive energy, smiles and fighting intolerance. This year we want to […]

Say goodbye to the legendary Ikarus!

This weekend will be the last time the Ikarus bus will be on the streets as a vehicle of MPK Wrocław. Enthusiasts of public transport, and anyone else who wants to, can take the last sentimental ride in this legendary bus. There will be a special route and the tickets will be free of charge. […]

Watch the best films about Wrocław! Final Gala of the Record Wrocław contest

Who has been singled out by the jury? Which films have won the acclaim of the audience? Who was appreciated by the partners of the competition? We will learn the answers to all these questions during the competition gala on October 16 at 5 pm in New Horizons Cinema. The program of the event includes screening of the films that took part in the competition, the announcement of the verdict of the jury and identification of the winners of two audience awards.