Become a volunteer and help kids from foster families

Jeździmy dla dzieciaków!Wrocław Center for Care and Education is looking for volunteers as a part of the Wrocław Travel to Volunteering program. If you are a student, a senior citizen or unemployed person and you live in Wrocław, you can help children in need of care.

Volunteers will work with young people in foster care for ten months of the program. They will get involved in children’s lives, they will provide learning support, organize children’s free time, teach them responsibility, independence, setting goals and striving for them, and also help in understanding the new situation in life. With the support of volunteers, children from foster families in Wrocław have a chance to get to know better the environment, get help, friendship and support, and be protected against social exclusion.

Wrocław Center for Care and Education has run Wrocław Travel to Volunteering since February 2013. It is aimed at encouraging volunteers to care for children from foster families and orphanages.

At the same time, Wrocław Center for Care and Education program invites those who were brought up in foster families and would like to meet up with new people.

The application form, rules and details are available on