As Papa Dwarf became the leader of the dwarves in Wroclaw

Nobody knows when Papa Dwarf was born or how his childhood looked like. However, there is a rumour circulating in underground Wroclaw about the story that happened a long time ago.

It was behind one mountain and one river and dwarves did not like the company of people at that time. Besides, there were very few dwarves in the world then. All lived in caves deep in the Karkonosze Mountains. During daytime they used to search for precious stones in the ground, which they then exchanged for food with the water-goblins living in Oder and Nysa rivers.

There lived among them one goblin who differed from his secretive and distrustful brothers. He loved to explore new lands, new people, music, laughter and good fun. As the only one among the goblins, he managed to establish friendships with the human species. Other dwarfs called him a playboy, but he preferred to think about himself more as a dreamer. He believed that one day the dwarfs will come out of their caves and become a part of the world that he succeeded to know so well.

One day the mortal danger threatened the dwarves’ community. The goblins (from this family derives the well-known Goblin of the Oder, which many years later caused a major commotion in Wroclaw) envied the dwarves their wealth. Along with the bad utopias from the swamps they planned a terrible conspiracy. They decided to redirect the tide water to flood the tunnels of the dwarves and drown the whole Little Folk.Fortunately, the mountain bears (the good friends of the Dreamer) heard about their plans in time. Thanks to their warning the Dreamer was able to warn all the dwarfs. They, however, did not want to listen to him and believed that nothing bad can happen to them while staying in the caves. Only when the water began to flood the underground corridors, the dwarves began to flee and followed the Dreamer.

On the surface the dwarves unanimously concluded that the Dreamer should be elected their new leader. In the end it was the Dreamer who saved them and the only dwarf who knew the surface world! The Dreamer took the dwarfs to the friendliest city he had ever known – situated on the Oder islands at the confluence of five rivers – the city of Wroclaw.

There he has concluded the arrangement with the Human Beings, which started the today lasting friendship between the dwarves and the rest of the inhabitants of Wroclaw. The Human Beings, unused to dwarf names, called the leader of the their community simply „Papa Dwarf”. This name stuck to him permanently.Papa Dwarf led the construction of the City of the Dwarfs , but also he taught his brothers the benefits of education, fun, good food and travels. The dwarves ran over the world and it is difficult today to find a place where they would not have occurred, even though each of them remembers that Wroclaw is their true homeland and the place that they must visit at least once in their lives.

In the Karkonosze Mountains you can still see some of the caves, where many centuries ago, there was the first tribe of dwarves living their lives. If you enter the caves, you will see the underground lakes. This is the trace of the ancient flood, so when you go deep underground, watch out for treacherous race of the goblins.