A new dwarf inhabited the center of the city. Carpet-slipper sleeps by the hotel window

A small dwarf lounges by the window on the ground floor of the B&B hotel. Despite the fact that the dwarf has been living there for several weeks, only recently was he given his name – Carpet-slipper. The Internet users proposed hundreds of names, of which the most interesting one has been chosen.

Carpet-slipper joined a pretty large family of dwarves settled in the capital of Lower Silesia. Over 300 dwarves inhabit various parts of the city, winning over both the small and the larger walkers. Each and every dwarf has its name, history and once a year, in September, the dwarves celebrate their festival when they are dressed in colorful caps and scarves. Carpet-slipper, who greets the guests of the hotel situated in Piotr Skarga Street, will join the celebration this year.

‘The participants of a Facebook game helped us come up with this name. Their creativity really surprised us. Carpet-slipper is a lovely name, which gained the majority of positive opinions’ – says Beatrice Bouchet, Chairwoman of B&B Hotels Poland.